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Sex is the one thing all humans crave. If we’re not having sex, we are fantasizing about it and thinking of ways to get some or we are masturbating to some hot porn videos. Sex tapes are some of the most searched for items online and no wild party is complete without risqué sex games. Sex doesn’t necessarily mean a cock being inserted into a vagina. There are so many different forms of sex all with the same result – a toe curling orgasm. A skilled tongue inserted in the right places will have explosive results and anal sex done right will unleash fireworks most people don’t know they possess. Fingers and sex toys penetrating the right spots will always yield an amazing response. Besides the different types of sex, there are plenty of sex positions couples can try out to keep things exciting. Gone are the days of couples only having sex in the missionary position. Today, the adventurous couples can spice things up by trying the doggystyle position, the spooning position, the butterfly sex position or the face to face sex position. The belief that food is the way to a man’s heart is totally wrong. Give a man a steady supply of sex and he’ll be happy for life. Our large archive of sex videos is proof that sex is the one uniting factor among humans. Everyone from grannies to teens and even midgets craves sex. Humans will take sex anyway they get it even if it’s rough sex.

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